Rice Berry, item 51170

Rice Berry, 25# sack

White rice? Black rice? Why not both? Offer your customers some unique color in their rice with our hybrid jasmine and black rice, Rice Berry!

Rice Berry is a deep purple color rice. Deep color reflects a high yield nutrition food. There are two main nutrition functions of this rice:

1. A Strong Immune System: It holds significant level of following antioxidant agents:

    Beta-Carotene 63 ug/100 g
    Gama oryzanol 462 ug/100 g
    Omega-3 25.51 mg/100 g
    Vitamin E 678 ug/100 g
    Folic Acid 48.1 ug/100 g
    Tannin 89.33 mg/100 g
    Lutein 84 mg/100 g
    Zync 31.9 mg/Kg
    Iron 13 – 18 mg/Kg

2. Improved Digestion: It contains high level of fiber and bran oil.

Cooking: Rice & Water Ratio: 1 : 1 1/2 Cup

List Price: 25.95/bag
Sale Price: 19.00/bag